In and Out by Aaron Breetwor

We've landed in New York!

The crew has been off the road for a few days while we wrap up Issue 02 and get ready to go to press.

Stay tuned in the coming days as I take us back through what we've been up to.
Also don't forget to check out our antics at #PleaseDontDieTour.

Canada (part 1)

As soon as the Festival of Speed was over, we packed up the car and headed north for British Columbia. We traded the product toss for what little bit of daylight was left, driving through the night to catch the last two days of the Giant's Head Freeride.

Summerland was, as usual, the most beautiful place I've been all year. It's hard to beat three days of closed road riding, noonday swimming at the lake, and partying by moonlight.

Quentin Gachot wide-eyed and alive. Photo: Jonah Rosenberg

Quentin Gachot wide-eyed and alive. Photo: Jonah Rosenberg

I managed to walk away form the weekend unscathed, but Quentin took a spill behind me on the fastest section of the road. [PSA: Let the heavier rider lead.] Let this serve as a public apology for putting.

Jonah hopped in the front seat of Alex's car for a few follow runs, hanging out the window, and snapping photos.

Matt K was wise enough to stay off his ankle and opted instead to hang out at Dead Man's corner where riders were met with a wave of pinecones that all but blocked out the sun.

Riley Harris prepares for impact. Photo Jonah Rosenberg

Riley Harris prepares for impact. Photo Jonah Rosenberg

Northern Californian Byron Essert navigated the elements to bring him a first place finish in the hands-down race. Even cooler than that was the freestyle session we had the night before at the campsite, where, by moonlight, we became Lil B and Day-Z.

Byron powers through. Photo: Jonah Rosenberg

Stay hydrated.

Stay hydrated.

More to come!

Good luck out there.
Please don't die.


At the Loops by Aaron Breetwor

For as much flack as the Festival of Speed gets for being a glorified bike path, there is never a shortage of excitement during the five days of mayhem. The heat brings out the best and worst in people as they band together to survive the grueling conditions and turn on one another when the weight of competition bears down on them.

To some, the hill is too fast. Others think it's too slow.
Some are too light to make a pass. Others are too heavy to hold their lines.
Some people don't have enough wheels, or wear through the shoe soles. Others have so much gear that they never ride the same setup twice.
Some people get taken out. Others have only themselves to blame.

Of course there is the dominant narrative of who won the race, but everyone walks away with their own stories to tell.

The Squad.

The Squad.

Here's a few updates on the crew:

We picked up Matt K in Portland on our journey north from California. Even though his ankle is too mangled to race on, he took runs with previous champions to grab some photos.

Quentin didn't register to race, so he hung out on the mini ramp for three days. When the Sunset Sliders showed up in the middle of the night on Friday, passing through on their way to Giant's Head, he capitalized on the situation and packed his bare essentials to squeeze in with the crew of twelve to snag an extra day in Canada.

After falling on a film run and breaking his nifty camera stabilizer, Alex took to the hillside to "get the real story," filming the happenings among spectators.

Alex, reunited at last with his Columbian love—Chella.

Alex, reunited at last with his Columbian love—Chella.

Jonah busied himself with "the real story" as well, lurking around with his camera and flash, documenting the exhaustion at the top of the hill and the explosive debates at the finish line.


I spent most of my time skating and chatting with everyone from the racers to the U Haul drivers to the skate moms to the corner marshals. Tensions aside, I love the energy at the Festival.

We arrived this morning in Summerland, British Columbia for the final two days of the Giant's Head Freeride. True to form, the coffee shop is full of skaters using the free WiFi.

The sun is out. It's time to go skate.
Please don't die.


#pleasedontdietour by Aaron Breetwor


We're going on a road trip.

It's that simple. We'll be gone a month.
We're crossing the country—first, heading east through the North, then west through the South.

The crew is as follows:


Quentin Gachot, 18

Recent high school graduate and virgin road tripper.
Our goal is to make orientation week of college seem like a hollow whisper of freedom compared to his maiden voyage to some of America's most legendary mountains. Quentin likes to draw and wax poetic about the meaning of life and connectedness of all things. Keep an eye out for some of his doodles.


Alex "Bad Decisions" Ameen, 24

Fresh off a trip to Mexico and Columbia, Alex is back on the road for another adventure. As our resident mohawked film guru he'll be doing his best to talk his way onto the course at Maryhill and Giant's Head to drive behind anyone willing to skate with a station wagon breathing down their neck and the grim reaper sitting shotgun. Before we could leave San Francisco, Alex had to drive back to LA to find his passport. If you see him, pay respect to the hustle.


Jonah Rosenberg, 22

Jonah just graduated from college and has only a faint sense of what he's going to do with his life. He doesn't skate downhill, but he takes pretty good pictures. We figured the least we could do is bring him along and teach him how to Coleman slide. He's been stuntin' that all-black New York look for a minute now. If you have any wardrobe advice, send him a direct message @jone_bone.


Aaron "Daisy" Breetwor, 22

Your humble, balding tour guide. My personal goals for this trip are as follows:

  1. Post weird and unflattering photos of my friends.
  2. Wake up early to put the finishing touches on Issue 02 before we arrive in New York to go to press.
  3. Photograph unknown riders around the country, killing it on their own mountains and keeping the dream alive.
  4. Skate as much as possible before going back to school in the fall, maybe spending some time in front of the camera.
  5. Last but not least: Relax. It's been a while since I've fallen asleep with the sun. It's good to be home.

Albums of The Day:

  1. Music for Touching — Cookies
  2. One Day Soon — Ian Kamau
  3. Isla — Portico Quartet

Good luck out there.
Please don't die.